WWE SuperCard

WWE SuperCard



WWE SuperCard is the official collectible card battle game from the WWE. It lets you create your own group of wrestlers to confront other players from every corner of the globe. When you start playing WWE SuperCard you'll receive a stack of random cards where you can find WWE stars, divas, legends, and even some of the most famous managers. The Rock, Kane, the Gravedigger, Hulk Hogan, and John Cena are just a few of the characters you can have in your collection. In WWE SuperCard you can play against both computer-controlled opponents or other human players via the Internet. In addition, you can participate in special tournaments where the more battles you survive, the more awards you'll get. One of the most peculiar aspects of WWE SuperCard is that the battles are fully animated. You'll see your cards exchange blows, climb up on cords, celebrate their victories, etc. WWE SuperCard is a collectible card game very unlike most others, which normally have a fantasy theme. In this case, you can use your cards to summon wrestlers from the WWE!

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