W5Go Colours

W5Go Colours



W5Go Colours - Interactive, AR-enabled Fun Learning App with simple questions starting with What, When, Where, Why and Who, to help your Child learn something valuable in a Fun and Entertaining way. The App is designed for Preschoolers and Kindergarteners and explain to them about Colours, Primary Colours, Effects of Colours, Colours of Fruits, Traffic Lights and uses of Colours in our lives. The App has some wonderful Interactive features for Children to discover, including the voice recognition for them to answer some of the simple questions about Colours. Similarly, Kids would experience the basic AR (Augmented Reality) through the AR-enabled farm (featured within this app) with lots of Colourful Trees, Animals, House and more. If you have an idea about improving this App by bringing more fun and interactivity, please write to us at info@w5go.com. Visit our Website at www.w5go.com. Read our Latest Blog at https://w5go.wordpress.com.

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