Sunshine learns how you like the weather and sends you daily updates and advice tailored to your preferences. Your very own daily digest Your morning routine can be busy enough without the added stress of wondering about weather, UV conditions, or smog in the air. We help you prepare yourself for any condition by giving you deeper insight into what the day holds as well as custom advice. Allowing you to plan for what lies ahead. You can adjust it to your needs Sunshine allows you to adjust your preferences for different conditions. You get to set temperature preferences to define what is hot or cold for your liking. You tell us how you feel when it’s humid or how bad you feel the smog is. We use your comments in addition to our weather technology to build a weather app that delivers advice and updates tailored to your preferences. The community keeps the app precise and fun Sunshine's learning network intelligently adjust every time the user actively reports to the community. It organizes those individual reports on sky conditions, temperature, and weather hazards; translates the information; and produces accurate, crowdsourced weather predictions.

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