Sunshine – Direct File Transfer

Sunshine – Direct File Transfer



No more wasting time by connecting USB, syncing or uploading on Cloud! Connect Devices. Instant Streaming photos, audio, videos with subtitles. Direct/Instant File BackUp, Transfer, and Share. No limits on size, type, or numbers of files! * Suggest Sunshine to Someone like the following… * Need to move the pics/videos/audio to your PC because phone storage is full? What if you can move the pics/videos/audio in your smartphone/iPad to your PC with a tap? Need to view/download the pics,videos,audio,docs that are in the tablet/PC? Want to watch a movie that’s stored in the desktop/tablet on your TV? Hesitating about the Cloud Service privacy issues? Can’t send a big video file via E-mail/messenger? Wanna send high quality pics just as they are? Sunshine Features: [Connecting Devices and PC Backup] Inter-connected Devices: Transfer across iOS, Android, Mac and PC directly. Any devices, any where Moving pics/video/audio/doc/etc to the PC that are stored in your smartphone/tablet Streaming audio/movies/pics/docs/etc from my phone/tablet that are stored in different devices. Sending files in other device from my phone WITHOUT uploading/downloading Stream WITHOUT encoding/syncing. (Encrypted Player) [DLNA Support] Without any additional devices, stream movies/videos that are in your phone/PC/tablet on the SmartTV. [Large File Sharing] Just by the selecting and the sending button, transfer quickly WITHOUT uploading No Limits on size, number, or type of the files. Supports doc, mp3, mov, pdf, psd, ai, zip and more Send large files without compressing Send to multiple people at once Direct Connection between devices. Your files never go to a cloud or server No cloud server. Perfect Privacy and Safety. We have worked night and day for this app. Will be much appreciated if Sunshine was used with care. We’re also waiting for many feedbacks!

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