Sound Noise and Hearing by W5Go

Sound Noise and Hearing by W5Go



Sound, Noise, and Hearing is designed for Preschoolers and Kindergartners and explains them about Noise, Sound, Hearing, and Listening. It describes them about the Healthy Hearing, Importance, and Need of Good Hearing, about Hearing the Sound, Unpleasant and Pleasant Sounds. The App has a lot of interactive features for kids, simple questions with What, When, Where and Why (with the answers), Animations, Chirping/Tweeting Sounds, Videos, and Music with a wonderful use of AR (Augmented Reality). A truly great app for Kids to learn about Sound, Noise, and Hearing and avoiding the excessive/prolong exposures to loud Sound and Noises (since it's not good for Healthy Hearing). If you have an idea about improving this App by bringing more fun and interactivity, please write to us at Visit our Website at Read our Latest Blog at Follow us on Social Media: FACEBOOK @W5GoForChildren Twitter @go_w5 Instagram @w5_go

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