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SmartCooks is your companion, going with you from the grocery store to your kitchen. The shopping list reminds you what to buy, the smart pantry keeps track of the food already in your house, and the suggestions finds recipes that use the ingredients you have. Here’s how it works: - What to Buy: Import a grocery list from recipes or enter items yourself. Share shopping list with one-click to your family. - What’s in the Pantry: Scan UPC codes or export items from your shopping list to keep track of all your ingredients. - What to Cook: Choose your favorite cuisines and dietary restrictions. SmartCooks will suggest recipes based on what ingredients you have in the pantry, your preferences and what you’ve cooked in the past. The more you use it, the better it knows you. - Recipe Search: Search thousands of recipes or narrow down your choices with our smart filter. - When to Cook: Let SmartCooks plan your menus and send daily reminders to your calendar.

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