Ruby Square

Ruby Square



Ruby Square is a free logic puzzle game. Easy to understand, difficult to master. Let's spin the squares. The goal is to match the targeted pattern by rotating a block of squares in a shuffled board. Ruby Square is an excellent relaxing game. It is easy to understand. This casual game will help you to free your mind and relax. It is zen and calm when you try to just make the pattern. This brain puzzle game offers also top challenges. Features: - Several board sizes: between 16 and 64 squares - Different modes: 2x2, 3x3, 4x4 block size - Different difficulties (shuffling) - Already 700 levels are available - Compare your scores to the world averages - Color blind friendly Ruby Square is excellent to sharpen your brain, improve your memory and your concentration. Do your best to master the squares. If you like best mind games, top puzzles or popular casual games, you will love this new free puzzle game from AppSoGreat.

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