Messi Space Scooter

Messi Space Scooter



Messi Space Scooter Game is an endless runner where you play Messi (the Argentine soccer player and founder of FC Messilona). You'll have to travel past loads of different planets while riding one of the scooters that Lionel Messi actually promotes. Yeah, it's exactly like it sounds. The gameplay is identical to all the other third-person endless runners you can find on Android. In other words: swiping upwards makes you jump, downwards makes you crouch, and from side to side makes you move sideways. Using these controls you have to avoid all the obstacles and collect coins. The only parts of the game that remind you that Messi is a soccer player are the soccer balls that occasionally appear scattered across the setting. If you hit them, Messi will kick them and break the nearest obstacle. Really it'd make sense if the Argentine got the ball, dribbled through the missiles, went to another planet, made a wall with the coins, dribbled back through the missiles, and scored a goal. But no. Messi Space Scooter Game is a game whose approach is crazy and also very unique: no other game lets you travel the planets atop a scooter while playing Messi.

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