Messi Runner

Messi Runner



Messi Runner is an endless runner that's absolutely bonkers. Here, players take over by controlling Lionel Messi, the famous Argentinian soccer star, who for some reason is working with an agency that's in charge of fighting off evil aliens. And that's exactly what you'll be doing with Messi in this game: battle evil aliens using only your soccer balls and Messi's mighty kick. Game play in Messi Runner is typical to other games within this genre. You'll need to swipe left and right in order to move from one side to another on the screen. Swipe upwards to jump, and swipe down in order to roll forwards on the ground. One of the best parts of Messi Runner is when you get to unlock tons of skins for dressing up Messi. Initially, you'll only get the hipster version of Messi, but as you advance, you'll be able to unlock tons of other versions like young Messi with long hair, and even a robot Messi from the future. Messi Runner is an endless runner that's about as absurd as it is fun. Which is why it'll be specially popular among fans of the Argentinian super star. The game also has very good graphics and a huge variety of missions and Messi skins.

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