Medal Masters

Medal Masters

Role Playing


Medal Masters is a simple role-playing game featuring combat in real time, in which you can lead a group of heroes and fight lots of different enemies. The game's script isn't particularly original or profound, but the combats are dynamic and fun, and definitely make up for it. The combat system is pretty simple, since your group attacks automatically without you having to do anything. That said, you do have to activate your heroes' special abilities when the time is right, as that can be the difference between victory and defeat. In Medal Masters there are 200 different heroes you can recruit for your group. Two thing are really important if you want to win battles: how you place your heroes, and choosing the leader. Remember that a good leader can give you really powerful bonuses. Medal Masters is a simple and addictive RPG that has a single-player campaign that takes you through lots of different locations. It also has a frantic PvP mode in which you can fight against other players from around the world. All of this comes in addition to its beautiful and charming graphics.

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