Maze Painter

Maze Painter



In this game you need to paint the bricked walls in the maze by a paint roller. After the game was started you need to look for a paint bucket, and fills your bucket with paint. You have to go on bricked walls. In the maze has some ghosts. Them are enemies and when you touch one of them your vitality will decrease. In the maze you can find first aid kits for increase your vitality. If you lose all vitality the game is over. When you paint all walls in the maze will appear an exit logo. You need to go to this for next level. In the first level has 3 ghosts and every next levels plus one ghost will chasing you. Features: - random generated mazes - right / left handed control support v1.1: - hardware keyboard control support added [see at the options menu and tap on button 'keyboard' for activate and setting keys] Have fun!

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