Keep My Notes

Keep My Notes



Easy & simple wordpad that you can use to quickly make notes, as a notes diary or as a private notebook. Features: * Offline notebook that you can use to write on all the notes to remember and research notes without the need for internet connection. * Notepad with lock. You can lock all your private notes with a password. * Notepad with alerts. You can set alarm note reminders for the things to do and the reminder alarms can be repeated daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. * Lock notebooks individually with each private notebook having its own password. * You can make notes with pics attachments. * Adjust the text font color used for note taking or diary making. * Control the text size used when taking notes. * Exchange your research notes & all the notes that you take or your diary with other apps. * Spell check text of your notebook and diary. * Light theme and dark theme. Choose the theme you are most comfortable with when typing notebooks. * Wordpad with no lines (no lines under the text of your note). * Offline backup and restore of your research notes & all the notes that you take. * Lite wordpad app that opens and loads quickly. * Can be used in portrait mode for android phones and landscape mode for android tablets. * Free note taking app & wordpad for android phones and android tablets. Download it for no charge. Support page for ‘Keep My Notes’ : Facebook page:

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