Freeway Racer 2

Freeway Racer 2



You've been put on board of a police car which is driving the wrong way through a highway. Lots of cars are driving your direction (well, actually you are driving their). The crash is impending. The only thing that can avoid it is your driving ability, your reflexes. The other cars won't change their way, you are the one that must use screenpad or tilt controls to switch between tracks and keep away from the others. How long will you last?" Freeway Racer 2 comes with three different tracks, nice music tracks and candy eye looking graphics. A local and now a online highsocre is inside. So let`s drive and create a very good score to rise up on the top off the highscore system. This game is very good for a short break, a typical casual game for kids and adults. Have fun now with Freeway Racer 2. TIPP! Change from button control to gyroscope control, it makes a lot of fun. Go to the settings and change button to tilt control

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