Crystal Rush

Crystal Rush



Crystal Rush is an arcade game where your goal is to shoot at the walls the same color as you to stop them from closing in on you. Be careful though, because if you shoot at a different colored wall, it's game over. The controls in Crystal Rush are simple: when you touch the screen, your triangle will shoot. That said, you have to consider that every time you shoot, your triangle changes the direction of its rotation and changes color. This means you have to be extremely careful because if you don't manage to shoot the right wall and it reaches you, then you lose. If you shoot the walls in their centers, you get a diamond. With these diamonds, you can unlock new settings that add some variety to the game. The diamonds, as usual, are also useful when you need a hand to save yourself once the walls do reach you. Crystal Rush is a hectic, beautiful, and fun arcade game that offers an addictive gameplay and excellent graphics.

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