Criminal Case

Criminal Case



Criminal Case, one of the most well-known Facebook games, provides a mobile version of the game in which you can continue solving crimes from your Android device; it syncs your progress and you won't miss any details from what happens in every scene of the crime. Those that don't already know about the social network game will find Criminal Case an addicting puzzle game in which the objective is to solve a crime by collecting clues from crime scenes and houses of criminals that you'll go on to interrogate as you advance through the game. Criminal Case will turn you into an investigator that has to cover the entire city with your dog and analyze evidence through fun mini-games that will provide you with hours and hours of entertainment. During the clue searching phase, which will help you to arrest the killer, you'll have to find all of the objects that will guide you to complete the mission. If you do it quickly, you'll get a higher score and it will be easier to progress in your race to find and stop the criminal. Encourage your friends to go with you on the mission and get the best out of them to utilize the advantages that they can give you. Combine achievements and feed your dog in order to become the best Criminal Case officer. The progress made in the app will be shown on your Facebook account, and you can even share messages on the social network directly from the app.

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