Clash of Kings

Clash of Kings



Looking for action? We got it all right here in Clash of Kings! Epic clashes, monumental throne battles, miraculous dragon fights and so much more! Clash of Kings is an award winning real time strategy MMO game where you battle to build an empire, become King and take control of a kingdom! If you like PVP games or multiplayer games, you’ll love this base building, fighting game where you must fight to survive! Put your strategic mind to test against combatants from across the globe in this worldwide MMO game. Download Clash of Kings now and join millions of players from around the world! CLASH OF KINGS FEATURES: Online Multiplayer PVP war battles - Play PVP online against millions of other players - Train massive armies and lead them into epic battles - Attack enemies, conquer their castles and plunder their resources - Attack and occupy the Throne to become the King MMO universe with massive online battles - Enter an amazing online world where kingdoms battle for control of a PVP fantasy kingdom - Amazing world map to explore with lots of PVE monsters to defeat - Real time resource management - Talk to your friends with 1-on-1 messaging, kingdom chat and alliance chat Real time strategy and leveling - Fight and level up your Lord - Forge amazing weapons and armor for your Lord as you level up - Craft new equipment sets, equip magical items such as Dragonglass to increase attributes. - Increase your stats with the college, and research technologies Battle for the Throne - Compete against your kingdom and battle for the throne - Attack and occupy the Throne to become the King - Become the king and rule the kingdom. Inspire your allies and destroy your enemies - Give buffs and special titles to players in your kingdom, as well as kingdom buffs Dragon Campaign and Ancient Battlefield - Compete in massive staged PVP battles and competitions - Battle against players from other kingdoms, fight for the pride of your kingdom - Win massive in game rewards from the matches Experience the thrill of battle and victory in the tremendous world of Clash of Kings!

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