Circle Arena

Circle Arena



Download and play Circle Arena for FREE now! Maneuver, swerve, and move quickly to avoid dangers. Switch up your class and deceive your enemies. This is a fast-paced arena dual stick combat game that takes place in a faraway galaxy. You can play against the AI or other players. Who will be the last player standing? You decide! Circle Arena is a challenging arcade game that will test your gaming skill to its limit! Maneuver your ship around the different arenas make sure you are the one standing. Avoid colliding with dangerous object or getting shot as you swerve and zig zag to avoid bullets. Stay focused! Or you will end up as space dust! Game features: - A fun and addictive fast spaceship combat game for everyone. - Classic arcade style graphic. - Dynamic backgrounds and lightning - Original Soundtrack and Sound Effects - Single Player Mode - Multiplayer Mode - Multiple game types - In game tutorial - 4 Main Game Modes (Customizable)

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