Auto Stamper for Photo

Auto Stamper for Photo



Capture and mark your “Happy Memories or Favorite Occasions or Priceless Moments” of Life by adding a Stamp on it. Auto Stamper Application is a kind of Application with which you can make your Golden Moments Immortal. With this Application, you can add up to 3 Stamps at a time named Date and Time Stamp, Signature Stamp and Global Positioning System (GPS) Stamp which no other Application can provide you. Then depending upon your needs, you can either switch to any one of them. Check out some Exciting Features of this Application All-in-One Stamp Package Manual On/Off Functionality Use of Default Camera Adjustable Stamp Format Varieties in Font Format (After PRO) Stamp position where you want (After PRO) Manual Selection of Stamp Color (After PRO) Date and Time Stamp Signature Stamp Global Positioning System (GPS) Stamp

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