2048 Coins

2048 Coins



2048 Coins is a great puzzle game for casual players and cryptomaniacs. The main goal in this game is to earn 1 virtual Bitcoin by moving tiles around with crypto symbols on them. When 2 tiles with the same symbol are moved together they combine forming a higher valued crypto tile. It has a similar gameplay like the classic 2048 game, in it all the tiles have the logos of the most popular cryptocurrencies. In addition, all the crypto-currencies are sorted according to their market capitalization. So in the end, by manipulating the tiles, you need to collect the most expensive coin - Bitcoin. Features: - Single-player sliding block puzzle game - New stunning design of the old game - Tiles distribution, according to the capitalization of the cryptocurrency - Easy gameplay - Only for real crypto geeks Good luck in your attempts to earn your first (virtual :) bitcoin.

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