100 Doors Star Galaxy

100 Doors Star Galaxy



In "100 Doors Star Galaxy" you must escape from the rooms of a futuristic spaceship, travel between far off planets, get acquainted with their unique inhabitants and explore their secrets! In the newest game of the legendary 100 doors series, you are waiting for a new wonderful world filled with riddles, quests, mini-games, searching for items, solving mysteries, puzzles and more! Can you find all of the hidden locations, help extraterrestrial beings, bypass all the traps and fight robots guarding the secrets of distant planets? Features: - Unique exciting puzzles! Each level has its own plot and unique graphics. Complex and multifaceted level designs that millions of players around the world have come to love! - Space adventure! An amazing escape story! Escape from the rooms of a spaceship or be in the role of a pursuer. Everything depends on your choices. - Stunning graphics! Far-away planets, incredible creatures, space ships, endless gadgets and robots.

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